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LHS 2637 Observer (international) | News

Verfasst: Fr 22. Jul 2016, 14:07
von Captain_Kirby
Good day, CMDR.

Welcome to the International Version of the LHS 2637 Observer, a local news agency from the Perez Ring station.

The purpose of this thread is to provide news about The Allies and their ingame player minor faction, the Perez Ring Brewery, for those who don't speak German. We aim to create interesting stories and keep people up-to-date about what's happening around the Ring.

Please be aware that the here published articles are not necessarily the same as those of our news agency's German Version.

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Verfasst: Fr 22. Jul 2016, 14:32
von Captain_Kirby
LHS 2637 Observer | 3302-07-22 | LHS 2637, Orishis, Namaka

Brewery ends slavery in Orishis

A few weeks ago, representatives of the Perez Ring Brewery (PRB) were shocked to discover slavery in a nearby system called Orishis, right in the middle Alliance space. Within days the company started a campaign to gain support among the local population with the ultimate goal to end those barbaric practices.

Unfortunately, the regime in Orishis decided to defend their lucrative business. When dictator Olek Martok gave orders to muzzle and imprison protesters, violence broke out. In a joint operation with local militias, PRB forces were able to end the fights within three days. While the whereabouts of Martok is unknown, it's certain that the newly established Alliance legislation brought long desired freedom upon thousands of citizens.

When asked about the Brewery's involvement in politics, Vice President Rodger Clay commented: "We advertise our Perez Beer to be 'a bottle of freedom', but that's not just a hollow phrase. It's important to us to provide basic human rights whereever possible. And today we're happy to announce that slavery in Orishis has eventually been banned."

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Verfasst: Do 11. Aug 2016, 14:11
von Captain_Kirby
LHS 2637 Observer | 3302-08-11 | LHS 2637, Pie, Alioth

Noteworthy movements close to Alioth

On a yesterday released statement, the Perez Ring Brewery announced the peaceful takeover of Pie, a small system about 13 lightyears anti-spinwardly away from Alioth. It's the latest event of a season of political developments in this region of space.

In their second successful election within two weeks, the Brewery was able to defeat the Holiacan Dynamic Company. The HDC might take their loss somehow light-hearted since they opened new business segments in STF 1774 only a couple of days ago. Rumours say that they even had a deal with the PRB, which eventually resulted in the mentioned movements. The offices of both factions refused to comment on those allegations.

While the situation in Pie seems to settle, experts pointed out that another nearby faction, the Khernidjal Future, currently prepares to expand into LHS 2789. They might try to challenge the LHS 2789 Creative Commodities, who are controlling the system until now, and who plan to expand their sphere of influence themselves. However, a spokesman of the CC stated that a violent outbreak in the light of the ongoing race for power would be very unlikely, since both factions maintain quite good relations.

Whatever the powerful factions in the center of Alliance space are up to - the economy verifiably benefits from the emerged competition. Prime Minister Mahon might be delighted.

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Verfasst: Do 20. Okt 2016, 13:03
von Captain_Kirby
Sorry, I forgot to post this article here.

LHS 2637 Observer | 3302-10-08 | LHS 2637, Merak

More and more folks choose Perez Beer

Since their modest beginnings in LHS 2637, the Perez Ring Brewery has been able to grow continuously, open up new customers and markets. Today the PRB has eight branches in the Ursae Majoris Cluster, potentially reaching 7.029.702.865 people with their excellent beer. 'Of course', PRB Vice President Rodger Clay joked, 'the number of minors among the residents has to be deducted from this number.'

However, their huge success also makes the PRB one of the largest employers in this region of Alliance space, with outstanding social benefits and development projects in those systems under their administrative responsibility. No wonder that more and more folks choose Perez Beer.

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Verfasst: Do 8. Dez 2016, 13:27
von Captain_Kirby
LHS 2637 Observer | 3302-12-08 | LHS 2637, Gateway

VP Clay calls for an open and free society

The Vice President of the Perez Ring Brewery, Rodger Clay, addressed the public on Thursday morning with a keynote speech. In the first press conference since the attack on Edmund Mahon's trading centers, Clay spoke of a cowardly act of violence that was not to be tolerated. "Even in a competing environment freedom and human dignity must always be respected." he told the journalists.

The Perez Ring Brewery had already provided a few hundred million credits for the short-term defense of the suffering Alliance systems a few days ago in consultation with Prime Minister Mahon, and - in spite of its own challenges at home - assigned its special unit, The Allies [Aid], to the Alliance Defense Forces.

Clay finished his address with this statement: "The Alliance was born out of the desire for freedom and independence, and its success story is not least due to unrestricted solidarity, which is why I would like to thank our Alliance partners for their untiring efforts and at the same time to call everyone in the galaxy to join us in the fight against demagogues and warmongers - for an open and free society."

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Verfasst: So 25. Dez 2016, 08:46
von Himmelslaeufer
LHS 2637 Observer | 3302-12-24 | Phekda

Unexpected Attack by the Independent Phekda Union

On 23.12.3302 at 22:13 galactic standard time, the day before Christmas Eve, a surprising attack by the Independent Phekda Union (IPU) on a supply convoy of the Perez Ring Brewery (PRB) happened in the Phekda System. The bulk of the convoy was destroyed in this sneaky and abominable attack, and only a few PRB employees survived.

"Shortly after leaving the hyperspace at the center of Phekda and heading for Fort Gonzalez we've been bombarded without any warning. It all went so fast, first the shields were gone and then the first reports about shell ruptures came in on the Nostromo. Both I and Phil were able to save us into a life-saving device!" Ben Bauer, a survivor of the massacre, told the rescue team.

In a press conference at 23:00 on the Perez Ring, Senior Executive Brian Hartyunyan took a stand on the attack in Phekda. "Since PRB established a branch in Phekda, there have always been tensions with the Ancient of Mumu and other local factions such as the IPU, but nothing hinted towards such an escalation. Unfortunately, it is my sad duty to inform you that the PRB is now officially in war with the IPU. The goal of the PRB security forces, under the leadership of the "Allies", will be to conquer the IPU base in Phekda as quickly as possible to prevent further military actions by the IPU. In regards of the rapidly emerging rumors that the Ancient of Mumu are the backers of this shameful attack, Brian Hartyunyan hesitated to say: "According to the current investigation, there are indications that the Ancient of Mumu could actually be involved in the attack on the convoy. However, this fact requires further thorough investigations."

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Verfasst: Di 27. Dez 2016, 09:29
von Himmelslaeufer
LHS 2637 Observer | 3302-12-27 | Phekda

The current situation in the fight against the IPU

In a brief press release, Senior Executive Brian Hartyunyan commented on the latest developments in the fight against the IPU.

"In the course of yesterday evening, the PRB security forces, with the support of "Allies [Aid]", succeeded in securing the operational base of the IPU, Jones Horizons, without further losses and captured the IPU troops there. Thus, the IPU in Phekda is actually beaten,the isolated skirmishes against the remaining forces of the IPU should end soon and an official peace treaty is expected to be signed by this evening."

On a question about the backgrounds of the IPU's sudden attack on the PRB, he replied, "Our data analysts of the [Aid] Intelligence Service (AIS) are working under high pressure to evaluate the data collected from the IPU network. High-ranking IPU officers are also asked about the backgrounds of this cowardly attack. Please understand that we will not comment on the IPU's motives until the investigation has been completed, as further speculation is not beneficial."

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Verfasst: Mi 11. Jan 2017, 15:51
von Captain_Kirby
The Alliance Account | 3303-01-10 | Phekda

Revealing: "Mizar Bio Face Cream" Causes Serious Skin Rashes

The Mizar & Co corporation had to deal with some very persistent accusations over the last couple of weeks regarding their latest high tech cosmetics product. If the rumours were accurate, their new “Mizar Bio Face Cream” could be the source of recent disease outbreaks in several systems around Alioth. Among others, the infamous Sobek Boys even claimed that high ranking managers within the company knew about possible health hazards in advance, whereupon Alliance Security Forces have been forced to end violent clashes between both factions in 78 Ursae Majoris.

This week the Alliance Account obtained leaked information that actually confirm an entanglement of the Mizar & Co leadership in this affair.

Analyses of the trade movements in Phekda system showed remarkable sales of biowaste to an unknown client. These analyses were part of an investigation by the Perez Ring Brewery (PRB) to examine the backgrounds of an attack by a local faction on one of their convoys. In the light of such unusual data, high ranking PRB representives reached out to the Ancients of Mumu, who control the biowaste trade in the system. According to the present documents, Mumu’s Rockman Rock stated to PRB Vice President Rodger Clay that the Mizar & Co leadership personally led negotiations about huge biowaste deliveries to their production centers in He Bo and Mizar.

It is more than likely that the Mizar & Co company illegally used the biowaste from Phekda for their cosmetics, which explains the emerged skin rashes on faces and hands that hundreds of thousands innocent customers in the nearby systems had to suffer. The offices of all three companies didn’t want to provide information on this case yet, but the Alliance Assembly has been convoked for an urgency meeting this evening.

The Alliance Account is on site in Alioth and will keep you updated. ... in-rashes/

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Verfasst: Do 12. Jan 2017, 00:58
von Captain_Kirby
The Alliance Account | 3303-01-11 | Alioth

Sanctions Against Mizar & Co - Branch Office Closed

Until early this morning the Alliance Assembly held an urgency meeting to address the revelation of biological contaminated cosmetics caused by the Mizar & Co corporation (we reported yesterday). Prime Minister Edmund Mahon summoned the management of Mizar & Co, and he asked representatives of the independent Ancients of Mumu and the Sobek Boys to be available for questions too. It took Mahon almost three hours to present the evidence that has been submitted by the Perez Ring Brewery earlier this week, and to interrogate the officials from Mizar. Soon the vast majority of the Assembly was convinced that the accusations against the corporation were true, but one more time the central political body of the Alliance struggled to reach a quick consensus of how to handle this scandal.

Unsurprisingly Alioth Independents Envoy Savannah Caldwell called for hard sanctions since her faction certainly has been hit worst by the outbreak. Other members like the Esien Ming United PLC argued that the Mizar & Co is no official member of the Alliance and therefore cannot be penalized by the Assembly. And indeed the debate turned out to become a precedent for how far the superpower is allowed and willing to take political action against independent factions in its neighbourhood if necessary.

After several hours without any kind of dispute resolution, Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantress of Wolf 406 Transport & Co, pointed out that the Assembly's first priority should be to end the outbreaks. Thereupon further discussions are postpone for now. The only action the Assembly decided on was to withdraw the Mizar & Co's permission to sell their products in Alliance space. As a result, a spokesperson of the sanctioned corporation announced a forthwith closure of their production center in and their retreat from the Alliance controlled He Bo. ... ce-closed/

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Verfasst: Fr 17. Mär 2017, 14:59
von Himmelslaeufer
LHS 2637 Observer | 3303-03-17 | Segnius, LHS 2637

Perez Ring Brewery invests in Segnius!

As announced in the press release, the Perez Ring Brewery (PRB) acquired the majority of the Seginus Blue Life Company’s (BLC) shares this week.

After a prosperous fourth quarter in 3302 the PRB searched for promising opportunities to reinvest their profit and gain a more diverse field of business. They found this in the BLC, which is a specialized promoter of a large scale of natural medicine, primary health care systems and rehabilitation centers. As an renowned producer of tasty beverages and administrator of nine star systems, the PRB accumulated the needed 51% shares over the former biggest employer of Seginus and established its branch office at the Taylor Ring space station in the orbit of the terraformed earth-like Seginus A 5.

Here the new joint venture provides a wide range of supplies for their flying staff as well for war-disabled members of the Alliance Joint Navy (AJN). "We open this highly developed health resort for the hard working pilots of the Alliance and want to take care for their health condition and well-being." PRB vice president Rodger Clay said. "But not only in Seginus itself - the BLC health care systems and its medical products will be available in every of our systems for the broad public!"

The expansion of this new business unit is already initiated and promises excellent development perspectives in the near future, which means exciting months to come for the BLC employees.