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LHS 2637 Observer | 3303-04-15 | Phekda, LHS 2637

Transfer of ownership rights from Ouesy City to the PRB

According to the agreement between the Ancient of Mumu and the Perez Ring Brewery the space port Ousey City is now officially owned by the PRB. During a brief meeting at Ouesy City between King Boy D and VP Rodger Clay for the handed over of the station, King Boy D saying, "Here is the deed of ownership, the Master's Mastercard and a few other keycards, I really do not know what they're good for. So Clay my friend, take good care of the old girl. Do not be angry with me, but I have to look for my chili. You will also get a portion of course. "

After the handover, PRB technicians immediately preformed a great maintance of the station, so that they could soon serve as the seat of the new PRB Business Unit Travels & Wellness. The PRB planed new recreational facilities for the whole family, trips to other systems and a rehabilitation clinic, among others for AJN pilots. The station will have a zoo with exotic animals from distant regions of the Outer Rim, thanks to the AoM which have left them generously as a gift on the station.

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